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Sushi and Saki

World Sake Day

Celebrate the commencement of the sake brewing season with World Sake Day, an occasion that honours a beverage deeply woven into Japanese culture. Whether enjoyed at festivals, celebrations, ceremonies, or business meetings, sake remains a popular and culturally significant choice.

Dating back to ancient Japan, World Sake Day honours the beloved drink. It also recognizes the dedicated brewers and rice farmers behind its production.

Originally consumed by emperors and those of noble status 2000 years ago, sake is now appreciated worldwide. It can be found in many parts of the world today.

Celebrations in Japan often take place in breweries, sake shops and bars where people can come together to enjoy sake and learn about the intricacies of making it.

And what better way to celebrate the distinctive drink that is sake than with another popular Japanese delight…sushi!

There’s so many varieties of both sake and sushi to choose from, so we’re here to help you find the type of sake which brings out all those incredible flavours of your favourite dish. Kanpai!


Junmai or “pure rice” is the purest variety of sake as it has not had any brewer’s alcohol added during production.

Each variation of sake requires a specific rice polishing ratio (RPR) to determine its taste profile. However, Junmai’s flavour is defined by the absence of brewer’s alcohol, allowing it to be made with any RPR.

This sake has a rich, full-bodied flavour with a well-balanced aroma of crisp fruits and dried cereal.

Pair Junmai with food that boasts rich, bold flavours; try it with unagi hosomaki, maguro tataki, or flavourful gyoza.

World Sake Day: Ginjo

Brewed at lower temperatures with a small amount of brewer’s alcohol and a 60% RPR, Ginjo is more fragrant than other sake.

It has a light body and a crisp mouthfeel, while filling the nose with light notes of banana, pineapple, melons, and a slight nuttiness.

Pair this refreshing variety with delicate fish and dishes of less complexity to avoid overpowering the sake’s taste.

Choose this sake, especially for pairing with sashimi, salted edamame, or delightful Hamachi nigiri on World Sake Day.


Honjozo has a 70% RPR, with brewers adding alcohol toward the end for a refreshing taste and moderate aroma. This makes it an easy-drinking sake variety.

This sake has a mellow, elegant flavour profile with the aroma of tropical fruits and nuts such as cashews or almonds.

You can pair honjozo with most dishes, but our favourites are shake nigiri, prawn tempura or a green dragon roll.

Nigori “Cloudy Sake”

Nigori is a sweet, cloudy sake with a milky texture due to having rice particles left in after the brewing process.

Expect a lush, creamy umami with fruity and floral notes such as melons, peach, or cherry blossoms.

On World Sake Day, indulge in the perfect pairing experience with this milk-like sake that complements spicy foods flawlessly. Ensure you savour it alongside a plate of spicy edamame or spicy maguro uramaki.

World Sake Day: Sparkling Sake

If prosecco is your go-to, you’ll absolutely love sparkling sake.

This light and fizzy treat is a great introduction to sake for first-timers. It’s less complex than traditional varieties, making the experience enjoyable.

The past decade has witnessed a surge in the popularity of sparkling sake, resulting in the production of a wide variety of fruity and sweet flavours.

With a vast selection available, one bottle may offer crisp apple and pear notes on the nose. Another might feature creamy peach, grapefruit, and citrus flavours.

The bubbles will tickle your senses as you take a sip to find a refreshing, rich mouthfeel, and a clean finish.

Sparkling sake is excellent as an aperitif or with deep-fried snacks. Why not pair it with sweet nasu dengaku or crispy vegetable tempura?

World Sake Day at CHŪŌ

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Sake lovers across the globe will come together to celebrate Japan’s delicious rice wine for World Sake Day on October 1.