Sushi partnerships London

Unlock Exciting Partnerships with CHŪŌ Sushi

At CHŪŌ, we thrive on building meaningful partnerships with businesses and influencers who share our passion for excellence and innovation. They share our passion for excellence and innovation. For example, we are located in the vibrant heart of Shoreditch. We’re excited to explore partnership opportunities that celebrate the best of our community.

Collaborate with us in meaningful partnerships, and together, we can create unforgettable experiences for our patrons. If you’re a local business interested in joint events or promotions, we welcome collaboration. Likewise, if you’re an influencer who appreciates our culinary artistry, we’re open to working together. We’re open to endless possibilities.

Let’s craft exceptional moments, amplify our reach, and forge lasting partnerships. We aim to make our community even more vibrant and engaging.

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PR & Media Partnerships

Elevate your brand’s visibility with CHŪŌ. Indeed, our innovative sushi experience and Shoreditch charm make for captivating stories. Reach out for media inquiries and collaborations. Therefore, let’s shine a spotlight on your brand together. Additionally, we are eager to explore creative ways to showcase your brand’s unique identity and contribute to its success.


CHŪŌ Sushi brings a unique dining concept to commercial spaces. Forge valuable partnerships with us to transform your property into a culinary destination. Let’s turn it into a culinary destination that attracts discerning diners. In other words, this partnership will enhance the overall appeal of your space. Moreover, our collaborative efforts promise to create a memorable and vibrant experience for your patrons.


Influencers, join us in savouring the artistry of sushi at CHŪŌ. Experience our culinary journey and share it with your audience. Let’s forge partnerships and create mouthwatering content together. In conclusion, this will leave a lasting impression in the world of food and lifestyle.